Veterans for American Business Development (VABD) engages in educational and charitable activities focused on providing assistance to military veterans developing rewarding and positive roles in the business community. Our efforts revolve around the belief that America’s veterans, who have made enormous sacrifices for its citizens and who can make far-reaching contributions to the community after their service has ended, are a population with unique and under-served needs, and that the education, training and employment of the veteran population are critical to America’s social and economic health.  

To further this purpose VABD strives to: 

           Promote the exchange of ideas among veteran business leaders in the community regarding the challenges faced by veterans entering the workforce;

            Encourage the development of mentoring relationships among veteran business leaders

            Increase awareness both in academia and in the civilian business community about the unique traits and experiences that veterans bring to the workforce;

            Bolster the education of veterans who are seeking college degrees with practical tools required to succeed as a veteran in the civilian workforce.

           Identify critical gaps in civilian industries and develop and facilitate programs and processes by which veterans in need can obtain the training and education that will enable them to fill those gaps.

We plan to achieve these goals through:

(1)       Business networking

(2)       Business education 

(3)       Facilitation of training and employment.